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Taj On Wheels

“When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extradordinary because it tastes like what it is.”


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Our Delicious Story

I was in a hospitality business. I was operating and managing hotels for the family. When covid hit, I got
tired of running day to day operations of the hotels.

One day, I was watching Netflix maintainer person in a food truck business. 

So, I approached my parents to start
a food truck business in 2020. When they went on a cruise, I bought a food truck against their wish. My mom did not have a choice
but to help her son succeed and came up with her receipes. My wife also came up with her recipes. That is how I started!

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Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Truck

Veg Samosa


Crisp patties stuffed with seasoned potatoes and green peas

Springs Rolls


Rice paper or crispy dough filled with shredded vegetables.

Butter Chicken Served with Rice & Roti


Boneless tandoori chicken cooked with fresh tomatoe sauce with butter and spice

Chicken Samosa


Crisp patties stuffed with season chicken and green peas

Paneer butter tikka


Served with rice and naan.

Gulab Jamun


Deep fried milk-solids in flavored sugar syrup

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